KLiiK denmark introduces four womens and one mens model for Spring 2023.  Created specifically for those requiring a narrow fit and inspired by the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design, the new Spring collection stays true to its roots with acetate and metal designs that are minimalistic yet nuanced, with subtle detailing and vivid coloration. 
Building on the continued popularity of barely-there metals, K-734 and K-739, are constructed from ultra-thin, lightweight, monoblock stainless steel and are perfect for those looking to make a subtle fashion statement.  Available in high-fashion colorways including Emerald Gold, geometric-shaped K-734 is a must-have for those seeking to follow the latest fashion trends, while K-739, an oversized square shape in deep rich shades, is perfect for fashionable narrow fit consumers.
For lovers of acetate, Kliik launches two womens’ and one mens’ model. For the ladies, K-736 is an easy to wear angular cat-eye with acetate patterns that range from flowy gradients to chic floral abstracts. K-738, a modified square with a chunky profile, was created for the ultimate fashionista. The beautiful acetate palette includes smoky translucents and marbled torts and is elevated with a chic metal temple décor. For the men, K-737 is a timeless classic with its rectangular eyeshape and ultra-thin gradient acetate. Coloured metal endpieces add a subtle touch of detailing to the otherwise clean design. Available colours include Black Crystal, Slate Blue, and Brown Taupe.