COLORAMA by GIGI Studios, an invitation to express ourselves through colour.

GIGI Studios presents COLORAMA, six new designs that reinterpret how shades of color can modulate our mood and behaviour. The new collection consists of three trendy eyeglasses and three sunglasses.

Energy, passion, calmness, boldness, joy… Through the claim Color your mood, GIGI Studios invites us to express ourselves through the power of color and to see the world through our emotions.

Each model explores a different mood: red represents passion and enthusiasm; orange, joy and creativity; green, freshness and harmony; blue, calmness; purple, irreverent sophistication; white, discreet simplicity; and black, classic elegance.

The collection is crafted from high-quality Italian acetate in exclusive new shades, with translucent variations for added depth. The lenses of the sunglasses are high-quality CR39 for a flawless visual experience.

The six new designs are sculpted and detailed with angles and bevels that reflect the brand’s signature quality and passion for design. Its geometric shapes and stunning volumes in an innovative palette are a statement of style and identity.

The new COLORAMA collection was launched with a party in Berlin earlier this month. For the occasion, as a tribute to the power of color, an exclusive translucent green edition of the NATALIE, one of the most iconic and recognisable designs from GIGI Studios’VANGUARD collection, was created.