With the arrival of good weather, the prestigious automotive events organized by Canossa are at the starting line and its partnership with Blackfin is back on the track. In 2024, the eyewear company is again an official partner for all the races where historic cars or modern supercars compete, in Italy and abroad. And, not just racing, but also classic-car “concours d’elegance” competitions and “boutique” events. An exclusive selection of Blackfin frames, customized with the logo of each event, will be on the podium with the winners, adding a touch of style to the award ceremonies.

After an exhilarating start in January 2024, in the US at Palm Beach, the Canossa events calendar crosses the Atlantic to Italy, with five dates that will land in some of the country’s most scenic areas – from the majestic Dolomite mountains to the charming Cinque Terre, and the hills and valleys between Modena and Tuscany.

Each event offers not only exciting road and track races but also the opportunity to immerse oneself in the convivial atmosphere of stunning Italian cities, accompanied by gastronomic delights, prize-winning wines and breathtaking panoramas.

“Our partnership with Canossa has grown stronger with time and we are thrilled to be able to collaborate with them again this year. We are bound by a mutual esteem that also includes shared values, a passion for what we do, and a common quest for true excellence,” remarked Nicola Del Din, CEO of Blackfin.

Canossa Events is a global leader in high-profile event organization, attracting participants from all corners of the planet. Masterful at orchestrating events that combine the motorsports spirit and exploration of unforgettable landscapes, Canossa makes each event a not-to-be-missed occasion for automotive collectors and connoisseurs.

For more information about these unique events and the Canossa approach to transforming the automotive experience into exceptionally memorable moments, visit their website Canossa.