TikTok creator Sara Camposarcone believes ‘more is more’ in fashion

By Denis Langlois


Sara Camposarcone is an eyewear-loving, thrift-store-hunting Canadian TikTok creator who encourages her audience to “wear what makes you happy.”

Known on the popular social networking service as Saracampz, the 25-year-old Hamilton resident has racked up nearly 350,000 followers by showing off her outfits of the day, styling accessories and makeup and revealing what’s inside her closet.

“I think everyone is unique in their own way. Personally, I like to push the boundaries of fashion, or better yet, just ignore any predisposed notion that boundaries even exist in fashion,” Camposarcone tells Optical Prism magazine.

“In high school, I didn’t really fit into any particular social circle, and today, the way I dress doesn’t really fit into any particular ‘style’ or ‘aesthetic.’ Being unique makes you YOU and no one else can fully mimic that. I think that’s why I choose to wear what I do.”

As editor of Optical Prism magazine and an admitted TikTok junkie, I was drawn to Camposarcone’s videos and account because of her bold eyewear choices and her knack for not only incorporating them into her wild, unorthodox outfits, but also making them the star of the show.

And because so many young people adore TikTok, I love how she shows the next generation that it’s OK to live outside of the box and wear whatever makes them happy.

Since discovering her on TikTok, I have come to find out that Camposarcone is Canadian, has an education in fashion merchandising, works in fashion marketing and counts fashion and eyewear icon Iris Apfel as one of her main influences.

Recently, I got a chance to find out more about the SaraCampz creator, her style, passion for eyewear and what drives her.

Q. How do you describe your fashion sense/image?

A. My style is constantly changing and evolving, but if I had to come up with a few words to describe it best, I would say fun, bold, chaotic, maximal, eclectic, colourful and childish at times.


Q. Where do you purchase your clothing and where do you get your eyewear?

A. About 95% of my wardrobe is second-hand in some way, shape or form. I myself, love to thrift and hunt for one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to add to my wardrobe, but also love to purchase second-hand bags and shoes from resell sites. For eyewear, I love purchasing vintage frames and getting my prescription lenses added to them.


Q. So, your eyewear is prescription?

A. Yes! I get asked this question quite often and I think it’s because the glasses I wear are so unique, but in addition to being the perfect accessory to my wild outfits, they also genuinely help me see.


Q. How important is eyewear to your wardrobe and why?

A. I kind of have a step-by-step process to getting dressed each day. After choosing my outfit, shoes and bag, I like to add the “finishing touches.” This is where my eyewear would come into play. I think glasses, especially now that I am 25 years old, are so fun to play with in terms of fashion. I always say “more is more”… the more accessories the better!


Q. How do you decide what eyewear to wear with each outfit?

A.Sometimes I enjoy matching my glasses to my outfit, and other times I go for a total mash-up of prints. I like to switch it up and every day, just like my outfits, I try something new.


Q.What do you enjoy about sharing your style/image on Tiktok?

A. I think I enjoy the confidence and joy my outfits can give another person watching my TikToks. I never in a million years thought that showing a minute-long clip of what I am wearing to work that day could have such an impact. But I’m so glad it does.


Q. Would you like to see more people pushing themselves outside of their comfort zone when it comes to fashion?

A. I’d love to! I think fashion should be fun – no rules, everything goes. The fashion industry is constantly trying to be more inclusive and I think that also includes fashion “do’s” and “don’ts.” What I used to get made fun of for wearing is now, all of a sudden, stylish and cool. At the end of the day, fashion for me stems from confidence in myself. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, the possibilities are endless.