Serengeti launches bio-acetate and eco-nylon styles

By Denis Langlois


Serengeti Eyewear has made a commitment to incorporate more sustainable materials in its eyewear collections.

With this promise in mind, the brand has introduced a new Bio-Acetate material that will be used in its Mainline Collection going forward.

Serengeti has also launched a new Eco-Nylon frame material, which will serve as the centrepiece of its new Serengeti Sport collection.

The eco-friendly bio-acetate is made of cotton or plant matter, is biodegradable and free of petrol-based plasticizers.

The material offers the same physical and mechanical properties as standard acetate: lightness, fit customization, comfort and availability in an incredible variety of colours and patterns.

The material is also considered as non-irritant and non-skin sensitizing.

Styles in The Mainline collection include the Hayworth glam women’s sunglasses, which feature Serengeti mineral lenses, a metal eye-rim, chamfered edges and five-barrel hinges, along with the sleek rectangular unisex Nicholson shades and the vintage-inspired and glamourous Bacall.

Serengeti’s eco-friendly nylon material, meanwhile, is created from castor plants, but offers the same characteristics as TR90 Nylon — durable, flexible, lightweight, can bend, less likely to break — without requiring the use of petrol.

Styles in the Serengeti Sport collection include the must-have, classic and stylish Chandler sunglasses and classic and preppy Brawley.

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