Essilor® has taken advantage of the 30th anniversary of Crizal® in 2022 to unveil a new line of coatings that will satisfy the most discerning eyeglass wearer. Crizal® coatings act as an invisible shield against glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water. They protect the eyes and lenses, while amplifying the correction through protection, and provide a feeling of ease and uninterrupted visual comfort.

For the brand’s 30th anniversary, the Essilor® R&D team has expanded the range of properties of Crizal® products.

Two new coatings are available for surfaced and finished lenses:
● Crizal® SapphireTM HR coating
● Crizal® EasyPro coating

Additionally, Crizal® RockTM replaces Crizal® Kids coating on Essilor® StellestTM HR lenses to provide children with an excellent myopia control solution.

The Essilor® Crizal® Story: Beyond Clarity of Vision
In 1992, the Essilor® Research and Development teams, led by Alain Colonna, revolutionized the world ofanti-reflective coatings with Crizal®.

The success and quality of this coating is based, among other things, on a thorough understanding of the daily hassles of eyeglass wearers:
● 80% of wearers experience glare indoors or outdoors1
● 72% clean their lenses frequently to remove dust or finger prints2
● 47% of wearers replaced their damaged lenses due to scratches and wear3

“Not only did we manage to combine several nanoscopic layers of mineral elements that form an antireflective coating on organic lenses, but we also managed to replicate the production process everywhere in the world without any compromise on the coating quality,” said Alain Colonna.

Since the launch of the first Crizal® coating generation, Essilor® experts have been reinventing Crizal®, innovating and redefining the standards of antireflective coatings.

In 2022, after 4 years of research, followed by rigorous technical and consumer tests, the new generation of Crizal® coatings was launched, including:
● Crizal® EasyPro is the anti-reflective coating that is three times easier to clean after extensive smudging vs premium competitors4 thanks to its High Surface Density Process TechnologyTM.

● Crizal® RockTM is the best combination against scratches and smudges5, embedding the same easy-to-clean technology as Crizal® EasyPro in addition to being up to 70% more scratch-resistant versus previous generation Crizall® 6 thanks to the High-Resistance TechnologyTM.

● Crizal® SapphireTM HR is the best antireflective coating overall7 integrating the same technologies as Crizal® RockTM and 360° multi-angular technology that results in best-in-class transparency8.

Crizal® is now a masterpiece of technology, compiling in a single product multiple nanoscopic layers that confer unique benefits to the wearer’s eyes and lenses: antireflection, easiness to clean, scratch resistance, dust and water repellency and protection against UV rays.


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