Doctors Eye Care Co-Op Ltd. (operating as Eye Recommend) and Digital ECP Inc. announced that Eye Recommend has acquired Digital ECP Inc. effective September 30, 2022.

“The optical industry needs a progressive buying group that is controlled by independents to protect the industry from consolidation and the degradation of eye health services for patients.” said Lee Raffey, Chief Executive Officer with Eye Recommend. “Owning the [Digital ECP Inc.] billing software gives Eye Recommend control of a system that we can develop further for the industry, ensuring reliability for our members and improved service levels for both our supplier partners and members. Owning the [Digital ECP Inc.] buying group is a step into a new area for Eye Recommend and will allow Eye Recommend to provide buying leverage to customers that don’t fit into the full scope independent model that we currently

“With the Eye Recommend business resources, support and large network within the Canadian marketplace, the Digital ECP Inc. members will continue to benefit.” Karen Ouellete, President with Digital ECP Inc. says.

As a leading network of independent optometrists across Canada, Eye Recommend provides business management and personal resources for members to grow and be successful. The acquisition of Digital ECP provides a platform for Eye Recommend to expand their network, remain competitive and build a strategic path within the independent optometric landscape across Canada. About Eye Recommend Eye Recommend began in the 1980s when a handful of visionary doctors came together to create a legacy and grow independent optometry across Canada.

Our mission is to be the premier professional group dedicated to the success of independent optometry in Canada, delivering practice and personal growth to its members. We support a network of engaged and independent optometrists by providing business management and personal resources to assist with their success.

The Eye Recommend network of more than 540 independent optometry clinics is unique. We’re an incorporated business and cooperative dedicated to supporting our members. We leverage the power of our network to bring the best technology, resources, and services to provide our members with the advantages required to grow their independent clinics. Today our network of member clinics is coast to coast and we’re proud to support each of our more than 1,300 optometrists in serving their local community.

About Digital ECP
Digital ECP Inc. buying group was created to support the increasing need for independent Canadian eye care professionals to be competitive in an increasingly digital marketplace. Founded in 2014 by Karen Ouellette, Digital ECP Inc. supports independent opticians and optometrists across Canada. The group provides benefits to the membership including consolidated billing through their billing system, monthly promotions, supplier discounts and business support