Frank and Lucie is the high-end unisex reading glasses brand that focuses on a target group that is looking for something beautiful, but ready-made.

In fashion, the emphasis is often on women’s glasses, but the brand is increasingly in demand for real men’s reading glasses.

The ready reader collection for this autumn, therefore, focuses more emphatically on this target group.


A Men’s collection with a clear statement; Classy, Comfy, and Easy to wear.
That is why their design team opted for luxurious Havana shades with a hint of blue-gray accents.

The generous, angular Eyewant is the new men’s model and comes in five chic shades.

The rectangular Eyewitness is now also available in a turtle shade Havanna and in hazy harbor grey-blue.

Frank says: ”This is exactly what I want”.
The Eyewant can’t be forgotten when it comes to F&L designs that are also very popular among men. An outspoken, squared model which is available in 5 beautiful colours. And, of course, made of high-quality lightweight acetate.
The collection holds many more models and colours, which are available in strengths +1 to +3, and some models are also available as Screen +0.

All reading glasses are made of acetate and equipped with a blue light filter.

They are supplied in exclusive soft pouches that also serve as cleaning cloths. The retail price is €59,95.

Lucie says ‘Frank keeps an eye on me’.

About Frank and Lucie
Frank and Lucie Seemore are originally from London. But now they live outside. Away from the hectic, more back to real life as they call it.

They moved into a small town by the sea. With a museum, theater, good restaurants, book shops, and cozy terraces, they feel perfectly at ease. Because Frank and Lucie are no longer twenty, but in their heads they are young and enterprising.

Frank is a designer of eyeglasses. For many companies, he invented all kinds of top models, but nobody needs to know that.

And now he has made a beautiful collection of reading glasses for his wife Lucie because Lucie complained about the offer, and not only she, but her friends also complained.

When Frank was busy, he realized that it is even more fun to design a collection of reading glasses that he can also wear.
The material is very important to Frank; the choice for the rich acetate was therefore made quickly. He drew on his years of experience as a designer for the models. He likes vintage, but never too fussy, always the atmosphere of the past is combined with the technology of tomorrow. That’s why he decided to fit each of the frames with amazing blue light filtering lenses. Always a touch of Character.