For three decades, Sama Eyewear has cultivated its reputation for understated yet exceptional design, creating countless iconic frames that have graced the silver screen, and have become favourites of the most influential names. Now comes TORUS, a new futuristic brand powered by the Sama Team, that takes their storied foundations and reimagines them for a new generation of premium consumers.

The founding team is made up of a multi-industry leading trio, Jeffrey Smith, Nima Nejat and Sheila Vance, who infuse innovations from the technology, branding and fashion sectors into TORUS. Nejat and Smith are notorious for challenging conventions and bravely offering new creative solutions in e- commerce, digital marketing and community-building. With relationships spanning from A-List celebrities, influencers and creators, to tech titans, and HNW luxury fashion connoisseurs, the founders expect to quickly establish TORUS as an exclusive, must-have premium eyewear brand.

The TORUS name and brand vision are inspired by the sacred geometric torus shape that charts the circular movement in every atom of the world, where all energies converge and then flow back into the universe. It is a story of rebirth and evolution, where past meets present and present meets future.

Much like Sama, TORUS places design process and material at the forefront, but blends old world craftsmanship with the newest technologies in an innovative fashion. All materials are custom created and manufactured in Italy for TORUS’s exclusive use, including a highly sustainable cellulose acetate sourced from renewable resources such as cotton linter and a nickel-free beryllium alloy that is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum and 100% hypoallergenic.

The frames are cut with state of the art computer assistance for clean, consistent lines, then meticulously hand-polished to perfection by Italian artisans. Each one receives one full hour of polish to achieve its lustrous finish. The Energy Adaptive Lens, is a ground-breaking photo chromatic lens, naturally changes its tint with the surrounding light level, but provides UVA and UVB protection in all its forms.

TORUS will launch this Fall with The Cosmos, a capsule collection of six timeless frames that embody the brand’s pursuit of endless regeneration and reimagination. Designed in a series of celestial grays and jewel tones, each option is unisex and available as an optical or sunglass. As a sustainable brand, TORUS promises to push the world of eyewear outside of its comfort zone. Always in search of innovation, Torus will push the boundaries of what is real and what is possible.