IRIS-ai, an artificial intelligence-powered tool for ocular disease screening, has officially been implemented in 20 stores across Quebec


IRIS launches IRIS-ai, a breakthrough artificial intelligence technology for the optometry industry in Quebec, in partnership with Montreal-based DIAGNOS. This state-of-the-art tool uses AI to enhance clinical testing and detect early signs of retinal abnormalities.

For over two years, IRIS and DIAGNOS have joined forces to advance and combine technological innovations and provide front-line clinical experience to improve patient care through early detection and follow-up of various ocular diseases, with the training of DIAGNOS algorithms and with the help of annotations from 30 IRIS optometrists. A total of 14,000 patients across Quebec were screened, generating a comprehensive databank with images of patients across the province, reflecting the diversity of patients in Quebec.

“At IRIS, we believe that delivering the best optometric service to our patients is achieved through an unwavering commitment to innovation and research. We are proud to not only invest significant financial resources but also in our investment in human expertise, to remain at the forefront of our field, and to continue to offer top quality optometric care”, states Éric Babin, President IRIS.

Under the Quebec Ministry of Economy, Innovation and Energy’s INVEST-AI initiative, a pilot program was submitted by the two partners in 2020, followed by a subsidy to adapt the AI technology in a commercial context one year later. Participating IRIS optometrists contributed their clinical expertise by validating the analyses of the algorithms, ensuring their relevance and accuracy.

“For us, it was essential to partner with a company that not only attaches importance to a rigorous and precise scientific framework, but that proposes a tool designed to guarantee ethical and transparent standards at every level while providing an added layer of support to optometrists throughout the province,” adds André Larente, President of DIAGNOS.

IRIS-ai is currently being deployed in all of Quebec and will be gradually introduced to all 150 stores in the rest of Canada.

About IRIS

IRIS was founded in 1990 in Quebec. Over the years, IRIS has evolved into the largest network of optometrists, opticians, and ophthalmologists operating under the same banner across Canada. The company’s locations combine clinical optometry and optical retail to provide a unique concept and a commitment to offering superior eye care products and services. For more information, please visit or check out our LinkedIn page.


DIAGNOS is a publicly traded Canadian corporation dedicated to the early detection of critical health problems based on its FLAIRE Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. FLAIRE allows for quick modification and development of applications such as CARA (Computer Assisted Retina Analysis). CARA’s image enhancement algorithms provide sharper, clearer, and easier-to-analyze retinal images. CARA is a cost-effective tool for real-time screening of large volumes of patients. CARA has been cleared for commercialization by the following regulators: Health Canada, the FDA (USA), CE (Europe), COFEPRIS (Mexico), and Saudi FDA (Saudi Arabia). Additional information is available at and