Creative innovation, a genetic marker of J.F.REY’s DNA, is at the very core of the company’s frames, which combine optical tradition, avant-garde design, technological mastery.

The new collection FW 2022/2023 stays on track by refreshing the sharp look ofJ.F.REY’s designers. The architectural constructions draw singular lines of force, supported by materials, colors and manufacturing techniques that are firmly rooted in a present which is directly connected to the future.

For the release of this collection, J.F.REY tells the story of a new odyssey in which humans and technologies merge in a vibrant and stylish universe. An eloquent communication campaign which reflects the company’s desire to make a break, while respecting the company’s DNA, and projects the brand into a futuristic world with stunning images that are illuminated by a play of lights and shadows. A stylistic exercise, featuring neon lights, that takes us into a dimension inspired by the Metaverse where reality and virtuality are blended. A very timely digital experience that offers exciting perspectives.

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