Karün arrives in Canada to introduce us to a new way of seeing the world. Through eyewear, they invite people to use products that represent not only your style but also the values of those who use them. Karün ensures quality and versatility in each design while building a circular value chain under a regenerative model, guaranteeing transparency in its processes.

Based in Patagonia, surrounded by wild nature, Karün has built its identity around the connection of product design with nature protection. Collaborating with rural communities to protect the territories where they collect raw materials they use to make their frames, such as discarded fishing nets and metals. Karün was founded in 2012 by young entrepreneur Thomas Kimber (33). Who ́s main idea was to build a company as an example of an alternative business logic, one in harmony with our natural environment, using eyeglasses as a symbol of a different way of looking at the world.

In his words: “A company should not be an instrument or entity to generate economic profitability. I believe that a company should be an entity to generate social and environmental benefits through economic profitability. This is what we seek to achieve with Karün.”

This way of thinking has led Thomas and Karün into a path of innovation, not only for its products but in shaping a new business model, earning invitations such as being part of the Global Shaper community for the World Economic Forum together with other different recognitions for his leadership role in the transition towards a new economic paradigm some of them are “100 young leaders of Chile”, El Mercurio newspaper 2011, “Extraordinary young people of Latin America 2017”, GQ Latin-American, TED Sao Paulo Speaker 2017, World
Bank Summit Speaker 2019. Karün arrives in Canada.

Karün is launching in Canada with a built team of experienced local industry professionals, such as Roberto DiFelice and Jeff LaPlante, who is directing the company’s sales efforts with over 30 years of experience; LaPlante has been involved in every area of the eyewear industry, from retail to wholesale, manufacturing and distribution. Jeff is also the Chairman of the Vision Council’s “Eyecare Sustainability & Social Awareness Committee” (ESSAC).

For its deployment in Canada, the team has developed a Circular Manufacturing Support Program that involves every client that decides to offer Karün in its product portfolio; this program achieves lowering pollution and be a part of a circular production model, helping change a system in which almost 45 MILLION PAIRS A YEAR end up in landfills or become micro-plastics in our oceans and water systems. This global program covers the collection of raw materials, supporting local collectors and cleaning natural places, recycling with the highest technology standards, and lowering CO2 emissions by 50% when compared to most conventional frames.

Launching in Canada is a part of Karün ́s global expansion, which began in 2020, reaching over +40 countries, mainly in Europe and South America, with a presence in over 2000 stores. An expansion that proves that the world is asking for new sustainable standards, which Karün provides as a B Corp, Carbon Neutral, and recently awarded Most Sustainable Eyewear Brand 202 by Global Brands Magazine.
The Karün portfolio includes RX-Sunwear, and Ophthalmic Frames in different collections such as Shailene Woodley preferred collection and Limited Edition 2022 National Geographic.

Summary and contact
Karün is a B Corp based in Patagonia that links nature conservation with rural empowerment through product innovation. The brand creates high-quality eyewear in a very different way; using reclaimed, natural and/or noble materials and working alongside local communities in Patagonia to empower them to protect their wild territories. Different types of waste like fishing nets, ropes and metals are collected by local rural entrepreneurs, then recycled and turned into long-lasting eyewear, ensuring the highest standards in quality and

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Contact: Giannina Guerra +13057474810 / giannina@karunworld.com