Four new acetate styles broaden the spring/summer 2024 LOOK MODA collection. Design of the four frames is clearly attuned to the latest trends in the Italian market while maintaining international appeal. Their BOLD thicknesses embrace the latest trends without being overdesigned. The contours are generous, contemporary and squared with a slight cat-eye upturn or polygonal shape and their geometric details have been reimagined, validating the look of lightness as an all-important must. The color palette adds a further nod to fashion, from timeless black and Havana to colored and semitransparent versions in red, blue or green.

One of the distinguishing features of this collection is the expert milling of the acetate that lightens the frame, ensuring optimal comfort for the wearer. And, for an even more comfortable fit, suitable to all types of faces, special attention was also focused on the shape of the nosepiece.

The new styles in the MODA collection indicate the ongoing evolution of LOOK’s commitment to crafting modern, up-to-date styles that embody excellence and innovation.

LOOK continues to set itself apart in the international eyewear arena, offering its clients high-quality products with cutting-edge design. All of the styles in the MODA collection are traceable because they are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy at the company’s production facility, using the finest technologies available.

Models LOOK MODA series 75370.