Ocumetra, a revolutionary, optometric data analytics company announced the launch of its first myopia management products, mEYE™ Guide and mEYE™ Gauge in January earlier this year. The company, whose goal is to support eye care professionals (ECPs) by providing high quality, evidence-based myopia management solutions is now coming to Vision Expo East, 17-19th March in New York, USA.

The data science company aims to eliminate all barriers faced by ECPs with patient engagement in myopia management and support them in delivering better health outcomes for children at risk of progressive myopia and associated eye disease. To help ECPs achieve comprehensive and successful myopia care in their practice, the company will offer a range of customized tools including:

  • Patient communication tools that save valuable chair time and maximize patient uptake of myopia management.
  • Artificial intelligence tools that allow ECPs to introduce axial length into their clinical routine without the need for expensive biometry.
  • Clinical decision support and risk profiling tools that identify children most in need of treatment and help ECPs demonstrate the benefits of treatment to parents.
  • Treatment monitoring tools (pending regulatory approval) that will support evidence-based clinical decision making, allow treatment to be personalized for each individual child and ensure treatment retention is optimized so that every child receives the maximum benefit from treatment.

Ocumetra is currently launching the first of its ground-breaking innovations for enhanced myopia management, mEYE™ Guide and mEYE™ Gauge.

mEYE™ Guide, a parent communication tool which is designed specifically to increase uptake and retention of myopia management whilst maximizing the efficiency of ECP chair time. To achieve this, mEYE™ Guide provides intuitive data and graphical outputs that illustrate the risks of myopia and benefits of myopia management. Using refraction centile graphs, a powerful vision simulator and treatment benefit infographics, mEYE™ Guide powers shorter, simpler and more effective patient and parent communication. Presented on a visually appealing interface using parent friendly language, it is the ideal solution to introduce comprehensive myopia management to every patient.

mEYE™ Gauge, an axial length estimator which uses a machine learning algorithm to provide accurate axial length estimations using routinely captured clinical information. The tool is specifically designed to support the introduction of axial length as an important clinical biomarker for myopia without the cost of investing in expensive biometry devices. Axial length is now considered the gold standard for myopia treatment monitoring, but access to, and use of biometry devices is still limited to a small proportion of clinicians.  mEYE™ Gauge allows ECPs the opportunity to integrate axial length into their daily practice and to understand the value of axial length data for enhanced clinical decision making.

Ocumetra’s strategic vision is to deliver a revolution in myopia management, to power the change from vision correction to comprehensive myopia care and to provide ECPs with solutions that support the long-term growth of their myopia management practice.

Ocumetra’s mEYE™ Guide and mEYE™ Gauge are available on a subscription basis. A free trial (along with terms and conditions) is available at mcp.ocumetra.com. Alternatively, prescribers of CooperVision® Myopia Management products can visit cvi.ocumetra.com to secure an exclusive offer from Ocumetra including an extended two-month free trial and 20% discount off monthly subscription fees for the first year. This offer provides an overall 50% promotional discount on first-year access to mEYE™ Guide and mEYE™ Gauge.