HEAL, Organizations for Health Action, who represent over 40 national health organizations dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive, responded today to the healthcare funding agreement between the federal government, the provinces and territories.

“HEAL welcomes this historic investment into Canada’s healthcare system however we need to ensure the funding provides relief, increases efficiency and accountability, and results in better health outcomes for all Canadians,” began Hélène Sabourin, Co-Chair of HEAL.

HEAL and its members have long emphasized the urgent need for critical reforms for healthcare teams to be fully integrated into primary care.

“Many of the access problems that Canadians face are best prevented and treated using team-based models of care, currently insufficiently supported by our healthcare systems. Canada must continue to promote collaborative team-based care to improve access to primary care,” continued Co-Chair Fred Phelps.

After nearly three years of almost non-stop work addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and supporting Canadians to their fullest, many healthcare professionals are dealing with burnout and leaving the workforce. New investments for a National Health Human Resource Plan that is based on robust data collection is urgently needed.

A poll undertaken by the Council of the Federation in early 2022 found that 56 per cent of Canadians believe the quality of healthcare provided has worsened over the past five years. Eighty-seven per cent of Canadians agree that an immediate increase in funding and resources is needed to bolster the system.1

“As we rebuild our healthcare system, this funding agreement is an opportunity for the federal government to work with the provinces and territories to ensure that all Canadians healthcare needs are met. The current healthcare crisis that we are experiencing must be addressed rapidly and efficiently, and Canada’s healthcare professionals stand ready to assist,” concluded Sabourin.

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