OTTIMI – OTTIca Made in Italy makes its debut





Making its debut at DaTE in Florence is OTTIMI, the first consortium of leading optical companies that represent different industry sectors. Collectively they convey Italy’s productive excellence and add value to Made in Italy.


The project – initiated by Eurocrom 4 (press, graphics, packaging), Filab S.r.l., (ophthalmic lenses), Safilens (contact lens technology), TutorNET (software and tools for optical shops) and 450 S.r.l. ULTRA LIMITED (frames) brand – aims to promote the sector and safeguard opticians, providing marketing, consulting and training services. Arising as a collaborative response to the current lack of a defined representation of optical companies in a market where large multinationals increasingly engage in a process of commercial monopolization, to the detriment of the system itself and of optical shops, especially the independent ones.


Given the variety of products and services offered by its members, OTTIMI becomes a preferred partner for opticians who can, thanks to the combined activities of the sales networks of the member producers, benefit from advantageous terms for purchases made within the network and for services focused on technical, financial and marketing training. An undertaking that allows optical shops, often not included in the activities of the major players, to be directly involved at the top link of the supply chain.


Furthermore, all of the member manufacturers possess unparalleled skills and expertise in customizing services, terms and products to the needs of individual clients. This trait is informed by the creativity and tailored approach typical of Italian craftsmanship paired with the spirit of entrepreneurial flexibility and commitment to the client that sets apart these excellences of Italian optics.


Some industry companies felt the time had come to join forces in response to the current situation in the optical market,” stated Daniele Bazzocchi, General Manager of Safilens. “A situation in which Italian excellences and independent optical shops often “suffer” as a result of large multinationals implementing aggressive trade policies and market centralization tactics. With OTTIMI, we aim to raise the level of optics, providing access to skills and resources to those who often are left out of the loop because they are ‘lightweights’ in terms of purchasing power.”


“We are proud and excited to introduce a new market force: OTTIMI,” explains Tommaso Poltrone, Co-CEO of 450 srl (ULTRA LIMITED brand). “We have worked with companies that share our same Italian values to craft a new, innovative player in support of our mutual clientele that, for quite some time now, has been forced to cope with the typical dynamics imposed by the multinationals,” he concluded.



“Our defense of the Italian market stems from the sharing of projects that help optical shops choose new opportunities where the confluence of Italian excellences offers its clients the quality and selection of exclusive products,” according to Andrea Bernardini President of Filab Italia. “We must responsibly take note of the difficulties in the transformation of the market and, based precisely on these considerations, we created OTTIMI the Consortium that, leveraging zero-mile production, ensures the end user that today, buying Italian is a guarantee of high-quality and superior technology.”



“Well aware of the difficulties faced by the optical market, TutorNET srl, decided to join forces with other all-Italian companies, a significant part of the market, in order to become the primary commercial resource for opticians and optometrists,” continued Danilo Girivetto, Sales Manager of TutorNET. “By uniting, the member companies will be able to offer, above all, to independent opticians and optometrists, a choice of products and services of the utmost quality that covers all the essential aspects of their business.”


The new consortium will be present at the leading Italian and international trade shows and exhibitions ‒ with the aim of creating and representing a hub that promotes Italian businesses and is also able to dialog with overseas stakeholders capable of boosting the qualitative and production standards of Made in Italy products.


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