Valentine’s Day synonymous with colours of love


By Denis Langlois


While the true origins of Valentine’s Day remain murky, one thing that’s crystal clear is just how long people have been celebrating love and romance each February.

Many historians believe Saint Valentine’s Day, held Feb. 14, stems from the mid-February ancient Roman fertility festival of Lupercalia, which included the pairing off of women and men by lottery.

Legend has it that Pope Gelasius I outlawed the pagan festival and replaced it with the Christian St. Valentine’s feast day.

However, it wasn’t until the 14th century – some 700 years ago – that people began marking Valentine’s Day as a day of romance. The oldest known Valentine’s message dates back to 1415.

In modern times, Valentine’s Day has become associated with hearts, cupids, Valentine’s Day cards, roses, romantic dinners and the colours of red, white and pink.

You only have to peak down a store aisle crammed with Valentine’s Day merchandise to witness the deluge of those shades, which are often linked to love, passion and joy.

In honour of the time-honoured tradition of Valentine’s Day, here are some frames featuring the gorgeous shades of pink and red.