Embracing the power and uplifting allure of colour

Tree Spectacles announces the Colour Clash Capsule Series, a fresh new release that represents an eye-catching fusion of sophisticated design and vibrant artistic expression. Inspired by the philosophy of minimalism and influenced by contemporary artistic movements, this series from Tree Spectacles is a new expression of modern luxury, with a timeless beauty that makes it particularly alluring and exciting to wear.

“Colour, with its ability to evoke emotions and communicate without words, lies at the heart of our Colour Clash Capsule Series. Each shade is carefully selected, not only for its visual beauty but also for its ability to create harmony and contrast within the overall design. Like brushstrokes on a canvas, the colours blend delicately to create a wearable work of art….”.” Marco Barp, Co-Founder, Tree Spectacles.

Offering two bestselling designs, each frame in the Colour Clash Capsule Series is a testament to attention to detail and craftsmanship, just like a work of art. Clean lines and high-quality materials – including Italian acetates by Mazzucchelli and Japanese stainless steel – harmonize seamlessly with the interplay of unpredictable and often “clashing” colours, creating frames that can be perceived as expressive works of art. Challenging the conventional use of colour with sophistication, the appealing tonal combinations are thoughtfully conceived to make a subtle yet powerful visual impact, ensuring a delicate balance between innovation and tradition, where every detail is meticulously curated.

The Colour Clash Capsule Series features two bestselling models Midas and Vedra. Each frame is available in three new colourways.

instagram: @treespectacles