New lens technologies available in 2022


By David Goldberg


In the world of eyewear, frames tend to steal the show with their flashy colours and designs.

But eye care professionals know lenses are the true stars. 

New technologies packed into each lens can protect a patient’s eyes from the elements, while fighting back against degenerative conditions and making daily activities more enjoyable. 

2022’s big focus is on light-adaptive lenses and Transitions Optical has two new product innovations.



The fully revamped Transitions’ lens portfolio provides a tailor-made solution for eyeglass wearers to meet their desires for superior light protection, an empowered vision experience and style.

“People are experiencing increased symptoms of eye strain and discomfort, whether inside from screens or outdoors, and the range of Transitions XTRActive lenses were designed with this in mind,” says Arnaud Rajchenbach, marketing manager, Transitions Optical.

For very light-sensitive wearers, Transitions XTRActive lenses are recognized as the ideal solution as they help provide the extra protection from light they need. 

“Wearers of Transitions Optical technology want flexibility between indoors, outdoors and driving to be better protected at all times. The new generation of Transitions XTRActive provides light protection regardless of the situation.”

The new Transitions XTRActive family comes with Transitions Signature GEN 8 technology that includes seven trendy colours.



Two out of every three eye care patients experience light sensitivity, making light-adaptive lenses a convenient and comfortable everyday vision solution for most.

HOYA Vision Canada has unveiled the next generation of its popular Sensity light-adaptive lenses.

Sensity 2 lenses offer nearly twice the fade-back speed; approximately 42 percent faster. Sensity 2 lenses come in three intense natural colour options: silver grey, bronze brown and  emerald green. They are compatible with HOYA’s single-vision, backside progressives, and iD designs as well as all of HOYA’s current anti-reflective treatments. 

“We are excited to bring Sensity 2 lenses to the market, offering an even faster fadeback that ECPs and their patients will greatly benefit from,” says Nick LaManna, director of product management for HOYA Vision Care, North America.  

“Our continuous focus on improving our products has made us an industry leader in light-adaptive lens technology and these are no exception.”

Two key technological innovations underlie the improved performance of the lenses: Stabilight Technology provides consistent performance and UV protection no matter the climate, cold or warm. 

Precision Technology ensures a microscopically accurate spin-coating process, creating superior adhesion for great scratch resistance.



Protection from the sun isn’t the only concern for patients. There’s also the looming threat of blue light with our constantly increasing exposure to digital devices. 

Centennial Optical has further expanded its portfolio of UV and blue light filtering lenses with the introduction of Rodenstock PROBLUE.

“These lenses protect against potentially harmful high-energy blue light, while allowing transmission of beneficial light for clear vision and best aesthetics,” says Centennial Optical’s Rick Leroux.

PROBLUE lenses are available in the following Rodenstock freeform lens designs: Impression 2, Multigressiv MyView 2 and PureLife Free 2 progressive lenses; Multigressiv Ergo 2 office lenses; Impression Mono 2, Multigressiv Mono 2 and Cosmolit Free single vision lenses.



If your young patient is struggling to see the board and complaining of headaches in class or during online learning, it might be time to look at MyFOCUS. 

“This advanced myopia management technology designed for children offers the thinnest and most comfortable visual experience,” says Plastic Plus vice-president Jason Faibish. 

“The MyFOCUS corrects myopia and improves visual clarity. Ideal for children ages 6 to 16 who are experiencing symptoms of myopia.”

This is the best solution for children who get headaches caused by eye strain because they need to squint or partially close their eyes to see clearly. 

To counteract this issue, the MyFocus boasts an anti-fatigue design, paired with a no blur design that improves visual clarity.