A metal that has taught us its true nature, in more than 50 years of experimentation, to produce eyewear that tells a story – the story of Blackfin, the Italian company that has made titanium its core essence.

We choose the purest form of titanium, imported from Japan, and we entrust it to those whose expert hands possess superior technical and artisan skills.

It is a material that has already charted a course in eyewear history and, at the same time, is projected into the future. Timeless and mysterious, known in its essence but, to some degree, promising new discoveries. We at Blackfin engage with it every day, carefully and respectfully, as if it were constantly challenging us to go a bit further, developing increasingly advanced solutions – to obtain more evolved thicknesses, bolder colors and frames whose designs are progressively more extreme and harmonious. All thanks to a metal that can shape-shift, to the point that vaporized metal particles are deposited, atom by atom, on the eyewear surface to create the extraordinary color effects.

A metal that allows us to travel in space. And to return each time to our exact point of departure.

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Europe and rest of the world: Blackfin Headquarters – www.blackfin.eu

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