OTP targets millennials who are fashionable, environmentally conscious, authentic, and individualistic. The collection’s newest releases perfectly reflect this target market with their biodegradable material, geometric shapes, decorative elements, and translucent colorways and patterns. In keeping the brands design ethos, the new releases’ modern structures and shapes were designed for a fluid and weightless feel. 
Along with its forever-cool modified square shape and dropped bridge, OTP-154 boasts decorative roundrivets on its endpieces for a subtle design detail. With spring hinge temples, biodegradable handmade acetate, and universal bridge fit, OTP-154 is sure to appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Available colorways include Matte Black Crystal, Crystal, and Grey Horn.
OTP-155 stands out from the crowd with its unique hexagonal shape. Perfect for the bold, confident consumer who is ready to make a statement, this geometric style features hexagon rivets on the endpieces, recalling the overall shape. Constructed from biodegradable handmade acetate in translucent hues of Periwinkle Grey, Emerald and Blush Tortoise, OTP-155 is the perfect pairing for the new Fall fashions. Spring hinge temples provided for added comfort and fit.