VANCOUVER, BC – Yeux, a platform designed by Canadian optometrists to guide its users on proper eye health when engaging in consistent screen-time, has launched a new app for iOS and Android.

Using the 20-20-20 rule, Yeux sends gentle reminders to mobile devices and wearable technology, giving the user an opportunity to daydream briefly while providing their eyes a break from screen strain.

“As an optometrist, I recommend my patients daydream for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes, and gaze at something 20 feet away”, said Dr. Lili Liang, CEO and Founder of Yeux. “The app was designed to send reminders according to your work schedule, to make it easier to commit to these important breaks for our eyes.”

In addition to the core notification schedules – which are customizable by the patient – Yeux also includes a feature called ‘Sessions’, which gives the user the ability to initiate a timer on their mobile phone or smart watch that will send reminders which might fall outside of a usual work schedule (like a late-night study session).

Dr. Liang, who owns and operates Durant Sessions, says the app was born out of her exam room.

“I speak with patients every day about the challenges of keeping our eyes healthy when staring at a screen for large portions of the day. How many times do we tell ourselves to take a break, and how many times do we do it?” said Dr. Liang.

“The gentle reminders appearing on your phone or on your wrist make it so much easier.”

Yeux has been soft launched in clinics in the Greater Vancouver Area, with plans to expand throughout 2022.

The app was designed and developed by Adam Geiger, CTO of Otto Optical Systems, a forward-thinking technology company focused on bringing innovative products to the eyecare space.

“Dr. Liang’s vision and inspiration make working on Yeux an easy choice. The app addresses a need which is growing each day. We all spend so much time with technology, but it’s important to consider how it affects our day-to-day health.”

Users can download the app in the iOS and Android app stores now. For more information, please visit