Back to school 2022 is about to get super fashionable thanks to five boys’ and five girls’ SFK styles featuring colors and detailing inspired by the latest kidswear fashion trends. Fun, on-trend designs that kids will actually want to wear, the new Superflex® Kids models are constructed from handmade acetate and lightweight stainless steel, in a wide variety of eyeshapes including round, rectangular, square, and cat-eye to ensure choice for parents and children alike. All designs are available in two sizes and are equipped with spring hinge temples to ensure maximum comfort and durability. Sizes range from 44-51 to provide a wide assortment targeting multiple ages.

The girls’ collection features four acetate designs and one stainless steel model. The colors are bold and fun, with a focus on varying tones of pink, purple, blue, and aqua, while acetate choices run the gamut from soft translucent pastels and delicate shimmers to pretty florals and hazy cloud-like patterns.

Standout Styles from the Superflex® Kids 2022 Back to School Girls’ Collection:
Easy to wear, SFK-262 is a rounded cat-eye design featuring laser-cut detailing on the sheet stainless steel front, which provides a layering effect brought to life through a combination of shiny and matte finishes. The matte finish along the brow area is carried over to the endpieces and temples, creating a clean, seamless look. Available in sizes 45-17-125 and 47-17-130, and in three colorways: Turquoise Rose Gold, Purple Rose Gold, and Pink Rose Gold.

The modified square shape of SFK-270 has an oversized, yet balanced look that is right on trend. Adorned with diamond rivets on the endpieces for a bit of detailing, the beauty of the acetate takes center stage. Designed for the tween market in sizes 48-15-130 and 50-15-135, it’s available in three colorways: Aqua Pink Speck, Purple Shimmer, and Raspberry Iris.

The boys’ collection features three acetate frames and two stainless steel models, offering a sporty look with easy-to-wear shapes, subtle detailing, and vibrant pops of color.

Standout Styles from the Superflex® Kids 2022 Back to School Boys’ Collection:
The modified-round shape and keyhole bridge of SFK-266 give it a retro appeal, but this design is modernized with a pressed pattern on the temples and vibrant color blocking. Made of stainless steel, it’s offered in sizes 44-17-120 and 46-17-125 and in 3 colorways: Black Cobalt, Navy Lime, and Charcoal Orange.

An acetate style that sets itself apart from the crowd, SFK-261 is a cool take on a timeless classic with its square shape and drop bridge. Bold pops of color outline the acetate front via an engraved groove filled with epoxy and laminated for a seamless finish. Matching epoxy rivets add detail to the front while the color-coordinated acetate temples bring the whole look together. Available in sizes 46-14-125 and 48-14-130 and in 3 colorways: Blue Mango, Grey Teal, and Crystal Marmalade.