We present Brothers, a new campaign turned into a subtle revolution. Rebellion, nonconformity and an ingenious incoherence fill the new Woodys proposal with elegance and distinction for unique people.

In the midst of a creative and sophisticated environment, four siblings turn their grandmother’s house into a scene of debauchery and rebellion. Brothers is non-conformity, it’s fun, it’s audacity.

The greater novelty in this collection is the Petite line, which fits better to adults with small faces, showing the Woodys identity through original combinations of materials and color ranges.

With this new launch, we complete the collection with 46 new models, reaching a total of 606 references. In this way, we achieve a collection full of models characterized by elegance and exclusive combinations so unique for the brand.

The new trend proposals incorporate millings with more volume and personality. A fusion between style and comfort that seeks to surprise and adapt the customer demand.

We are constantly evolving to improve the quality of our products. In this sense, we highlight our 5-axis hinges that guarantee greater resistance to our frames. As well as the lenses produced by Carl Zeiss, which guarantee the best visual experience and maximum CR30, UVA and UVB protection.

20% of the collection is made with bioacetate formed by resins of vegetable origin. We increasingly incorporate bio and recycled acetates, producing frames that take on a second life to become new unique pieces full of color.