By Suzanne Sendel


In serving the optical industry for nearly eight years, there’s one thing I know for sure — the life of an optical salesperson is never boring.

Traveling from city to city, driving, flying, renting cars, and visiting the most interesting and, occasionally, obscure hotels, motels and restos, our lives are filled with great adventure and experience.

There have been odd days when our cars break down, we have accidents and sometimes hit inclement weather or have a customer cancel within a few miles of our meeting. We face the test of time and simply keep on trucking!

In driving throughout our country, we get to meet and greet so many, and how cool it is when you develop strong bonds with your customers.

So many reps have shared their experiences and how their greatest gift is their connection to their customers. Many have shared their challenges, their wins and their love for our industry.

Social media has connected us all and, in doing so, we have helped each other in many ways.

Our rep base has supported our manufacturers and suppliers in finding key talent, referring and connecting professionals in the simple act of kindness, and by always being a strong community of inclusion. We have had the privilege to represent some of the finest eyewear brands and ensure your positioning as a destination. Offering you options in eye care, eyewear and being available to you, is our mission.

Having the ability to travel and style with our independent and chain shops is exciting as we get to help shape the future by design, with your best interests at heart. In reading many posts from salesmen across the nation, it is clear that all of our peers are out to please and achieve great results for and with our stockists.

Many of us have reinvented ourselves to be a part of the action in optical. Most of us have developed a community of connections. Not only do we look out for our customers, but we also support each other.

In accounting for over 30 per cent of our industry, we are key contributors to a flourishing industry and are passionate about bringing premium products to market. 



Serge Decoste
Independent Agent


If you are in the optical business in Eastern Canada, primarily Quebec and Ontario, chances are, you know Serge.

Serge has been a key agent since 1984 when he joined our industry by coincidence. Through his years of experience, Serge has had a keen eye for selecting collections that produce strong results. Serge is a leader in our sales force as he often extends a hand in helping others. He has an impeccable sense of style and does his collections proud.




Sherry Hanscom
Eastern Canada Hoya


Sherry has had over 20 years of sales experience in the medical field. In wanting to make a difference in the health industry, Sherry found herself attracted to both aspects of our industry — the medical and fashionable. In her recent five years in optical, many have come to appreciate Sherry’s devotion to her craft and customers. Most recently, Sherri joined the Hoya team to cover Eastern Canada. Sherry is all about fostering relationships and always putting her customer’s needs first. Her priority is to deliver the most revolutionary and innovative lenses to her customers and does so with great devotion.




Monika Woodruff
Ontario Independent Agent


Monika joined the optical industry only seven years ago and with her, she brings class and vision. Coming from a biomedical research background, Monika understands the significance of the medical aspects of our industry. Monika then transitioned to interior design and retail window display design. Along her journey, she began designing for optical shops and fell in love with our industry. One pair of glasses was never an option for Monika, as she began sporting specs as a teen. To date, Monika is inspired by beauty and fashion and enjoys traveling and engaging her customers with her select offerings.



Leslie and Taylor Bullock
Western Canada Multi Frame Agency
“Family First”


Leslie began selling optical frames in 2003, after practicing opticianry for several years. Both Leslie’s father-in-law and husband were opticians, so it’s safe to say that Leslie has optical in her DNA! Leslie frequently travels across half the country with her sample bags, visiting her customers with great pride and dedication in sharing the most exclusive eyewear collections from across the globe. Most recently, Leslie’s daughter Taylor, who is an accomplished ballerina, joined Leslie in covering Ontario with several key collections. When not working on the road, Leslie assists her husband at their optical shop “Bullock’s Eye Opener” in BC. A great model for success, this family inspires each other as well as their customers, in delivering style, service, and full satisfaction.