Every season is a new opportunity to reflect the zeitgeist, and OGI Eyewear pulls no punches with its latest collections’ bold shapes and daring color combinations.


OGI Eyewear, the premium fashion eyewear design company, has announced its 2023 spring collection, made up of OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose by OGI, and OGI Kids frames.

Spring is always the time to move forward, and this season, OGI Eyewear is both reflecting and defining the eyewear market as it blends more fashion flare, adventurous styles, and fun looks than ever before. This sixth collection designed by David Duralde, the company’s Chief Creative Officer, responds to customer demand by embracing a full range of self-expression.“Every season is an expression and progression of how a person feels about the world,” Duralde says. “With this collection, I’ve purposefully taken in various influences: where people are in terms of fashion, their mood about the state of things, and their place in life. It’s all about meeting them there and offering frames that will accentuate their individuality and spark optimism.”

The OGI Collection
This spring, the OGI collection has its most daring flavors yet. “Last season was colorful and bold, but this season, we amped things up even more,” Duralde says. “The market has now moved forward with more expressive shapes and more exciting color combinations. People are now realizing that full expression is okay—something we wholeheartedly embrace.”

The OGI collection’s acetate frames embody a mixture of delight, humor, and style—all taken to the next level. They pair solid colors, embrace color blocking, and use vivid and kinetic versions of tortoise patterns, all while refraining from being esoteric. As Duralde explains, “We’re always thinking of the person wearing the frame and how they might want to express themselves. The goal is to give them something contemporary and accessible—playful yet not too assertive. That’s OGI.”

And don’t forget about OGI Kids. As always, these frames are a scaled-down version of OGI’s adult approach—a great way for kids to look and feel grown-up.

The Seraphin Collection
This spring’s Seraphin collection digs deeper than ever, exploring new expressions with crafted hardware, metal details, and embellishments, all formed in ways that feel both functional and integrated with the design aesthetic.

“The most important update is that we’ve done some layering with the acetate to reveal custom patterned temple core wires,” Duralde says. “Temples can reveal and showcase the layers of architecture and design in each style, as you see inside the rich componentry. When you look through transparent pieces, you can see the influence of timeless craftsmanship and the nod to the industrial design evolution epoch at the turn of the century in America. These peek-a-boo elements reveal the core quality and luxury behind each design.”

The Luxury hand extends even further with the acetate’s beveled edges, rounded profiles, and hand- polished finish. These unisex frames don’t just feel good; they’re solid, logical, and always fashionable with a familiar feel and modern twist. Crafted in Japan, they exude a level of quality you can actually touch.

Within the Seraphin collection is the women’s capsule collection, Seraphin Shimmer—styles that radiate true glam and elegance. This season, the frames’ Austrian crystals are selected in colors that create a tonal and textural arrangement. “We took a more fashion-forward approach with the crystals to accentuate both the younger side and the swank appeal,” Duralde explains. “You’ll definitely want to take a second look when Seraphin Shimmer is in the house.”

The Red Rose by OGI Collection
Transparency, translucency, and neutral tones dominate the spring 2023 Red Rose collection. These unisex frames are an exploration in modern eyewear trends. They scale down recent oversized and thin-metal styles into frames that are more wearable and less eccentric, celebrating modern, organic form and fashion for men and women.

Red Rose by OGI reminds us that simplicity is in, and a new luxurious idiom can be extolled and celebrated. These styles honor the perspective that fashion gestures don’t have to be synthetic; they can be innate, pure, and uncompromising. Red Rose frames are for the generation of people who have found their voice, style, and courage to simply be.

About OGI Eyewear
Founded in Minnesota in 1997, OGI Eyewear continuously pushes the boundaries of what it means to
create innovative optical products while also supporting the needs of independent eye-care
professionals around the country. With its wide range of fresh yet accessible styles, the company offers
six unique eyewear brands: OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose by OGI, OGI Kids and SCOJO New
York. Visit OGIEyewear.com to learn more.

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