Celebrating a year of next-level creativity and many more to come, Arnette ups its game once again, inviting us to step into an exciting new dimension and live the hype with fresh eyes: welcome to the Metaverse.

Fast-forwarding its game-on journey with Zayn, the brand has built a virtual villa on The Nemesis, an entertainment platform offering innovative virtual reality experiences, to host the pop star’s passions, allowing us to experience them all through dedicated activities and interactive corners on three campaign-themed levels: Utopia, Retro Town and Art World Hyped on every level, this buzzing new space plays out in every way imaginable.

From Car Play on Level 0, where users’ avatars can drive an old school race car around the villa’s grounds, to the Speed Run Challenge game-within-a-game or the Trivia Quiz, where they can become legends in their own right, Arnette makes tripping through Z-Land fun & games.

And it’s not only a virtual experience – at the store outside the villa, browsing the pop-up windows to find a pair of exclusive Zayn X Arnette shades and connecting to the e-comm portal to make them yours is as fast and cool as next generation Arnette style.

The metaverse will be available and accessible from both desktop (simply via an URL link) and mobile app: The Nemesis prides itself on bringing branded experiences to its users by facilitating opportunities for businesses to deep dive into the Web3 and the Metaverse space.

Are you ready to take your view on style to the next level? Follow us @arnette or head over to https://thenemesis.io/@zaynxarnette and get ready to play!