Wabi-sabi, in ancient Japanese philosophy, teaches the acceptance of imperfection, to rediscover the beauty of a creation that is intuitive and spontaneous. In their latest collection, TREE Spectacles have reimagined, modified and even simply removed some particular phases of their usual production and finishing in a search to create fresh, innovative optical designs with a new type of surface that is both exceptional and naturally formed.

The two frames, models Hal and Thor, have a raw almost primitive look and feel, which in reality is very sophisticated and complicated to achieve, with this level of
individuality and exceptional artisan finish. “This is a completely new departure for TREE, being the first time we create two models produced exclusively in acetate, front and temples,” says Marco Barp, CoFounder, TREE Spectacles. “By incorporating the values of Wabi-sabi in the style of the frames, we have been able to bring out a new elegant minimalism in the designs, defined by artisan quality and intricate workmanship.”.

The new models respect the TREE philosophy of design which is both modern and minimalist. The shapes and the edges are cut and sculpted and the lines are very
pronounced. This has been made possible with the high level of technical know-how and experience of the TREE label and blends, in each frame, excellent comfort and a
raw artisanal aesthetic that is beautifully elegant when worn on the face. Each style is available in 6 colours including 5 opaque and 1 shiny finish. The new palette of
seasonal tones includes for the unisex model Hal, opaque black, shiny black, opaque red, opaque olive green, opaque rose and crystal rose and for men’s style Thor,
shiny black, opaque black, opaque grey, opaque red, opaque green and crystal green.