This series is the first of its kind integrating multiple technologies. Inspired by Ts’msyen artist, Phil Gray’s iconic sculptural pieces are truly wearable art.

News Release (Vancouver, BC) Fall 2022 – The challenges of supply chain delays and COVID have not held AYA Optical back from creating their most innovative and complex production to date. After many months of prototyping and overcoming issues related to supply chain delays, COVID and even climate disaster AYA is thrilled to be releasing styles Jax and
Paxton. These styles integrate metal inlay, CNC and digital print technology to produce striking pieces of art.

Says AYA Optical creator Carla D’Angelo “My challenge is to work closely with the artist to help bring their vision and stories to life.  It isn’t always easy, but the greatest satisfaction comes for me when I can see that they are thrilled with the final product.  I think we have succeeded here with Jax and Paxton and these styles have really pushed the idea of art integration into eyewear beyond anything I have seen to date.  

When researching Phil’s work, I was particularly struck by a custom piece he did with TELUS Gardens in conjunction with Douglas Reynolds Gallery in Vancouver.  The beauty and fluidness of the design really resonated with me so Phil and I discussed how we could bring that look into eyewear.  Combining metal inlay, print and CNC technology.”

About Phil Gray

Phil Gray is an artist from the Ts’msyen and Cree Nations. Born and raised in Vancouver, throughout his formative years he was able to interact with and learn from many accomplished artists. Phil’s work focuses on the traditional Ts’msyen style of carving and formline design, a hereditary right passed down through his mother. His goal has always been to help raise the profile of Ts’msyen art while creating art for traditional use to help maintain connections with his people and heritage. Phil also likes displaying his artwork via non-traditional items and locations as a creative way to share Ts’msyen art with a broader audience. His work can be found in private collections around the world, in various galleries and museums across North America, on organizational logos and on people’s bodies in the form of tattoos. In 2014, Gray was awarded a British Columbia Creative Achievement Award in Aboriginal Art from the Government of British Columbia. 



Jax optical frame is an oversized glamorous silhouette that combines contemporary angles with soft crystal colors for a very feminine and flattering look. Striking eagle artwork by Phil Gray makes a bold and tasteful statement. Wearable art at its best. 


This bold and assertive frame brings a new attitude to the classic silhouette. Warm Havana brown or classic gray. These frames are handmade and really the first of their kind. Spring hinges allow a little extra room to make for the perfect fit

These newest styles can be found at or Hollyburn Eye Clinic and other opticians across North America.

Eagle Design by Phil Gray

The Eagle is a symbol of freedom and strength combined with grace. The Eagle down is used in ceremonies, honoring and respecting guests.


About AYA Optica

AYA Optical was founded in 2003 with a vision to feature original artwork created by renowned First Nations artists, such as Corrine Hunt, Donald Chretien, Phil Gray and Kathy Marianito.  While the relationship with those artists continues to flourish, AYA has many other new collaborations simultaneously in progress.

AYA Optical successfully blends for-profit entrepreneurship with philanthropy.  The brand has always invested back into indigenous communities and has contributed over $200,000 to initiatives such as helping at-risk kids in Northern communities start their day with a healthy breakfast, scholarship programs for indigenous women and eyewear donations to elders and communities in need. 

The brand is known for its great styling, focus on details, quality craftsmanship, and philanthropic efforts. AYA Optical has built a reputation for producing exceptional eyewear crafted from high-quality acetates and metals.


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