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For those who need safety glasses that do more than just offer a layer of protection, but also need a piece of equipment that keeps dust and harmful particles out of their eyes, Bollé Safety is introducing an updated, more comfortable collection of Sealed Eyewear.
This collection is built for everything from construction and manufacturing sites to outdoor environments as well as for those working around chemicals, oil, and gas. These industries have hazards that create flying particles or splash(s), dust, chemicals, pathogens, aerosols, and mists, which all present safety risks. Workers in different industries face different risks and Bollé Safety’s extensive collection of sealed eyewear offers solutions for different kinds of risks.
Included in this updated Sealed Eyewear collection is Bollé Safety’s Rush+ with Foam Kit, Tracker, and the Cobra with foam to form a comfortable, sealed fit.
Leaning on its 130 years of innovation, Bollé Safety’s new sealed eyewear collection solves a major problem that others face in that these glasses will not fog or scratch. The brand’s proprietary industry leading PLATINUM technology controls the build-up of fog, ensuring the best possible vision in even the most humid work environments. PLATINUM is permanently coated to both sides of the lens to prevent scratching and fogging, providing the ultimate protection with independent testing showing it is 100 times more effective than even the highest anti-fog standards.
The technology gives workers in any industry the confidence to function at their best, no matter what conditions they may face and is equally effective indoors, outdoors as well as in extreme heat or cold. The glasses feature ANSI Z87.1 standards featuring rich glass for the ultimate in sealed eye protection.
While a foam seal is desired because it provides an effective barrier against airborne particles, foam also prevents moisture from properly venting, often resulting in lenses being obscured by a vision-reducing layer of fog. For Bollé Safety, the answer to this vexing problem is found in the company’s proprietary Platinum coating, the industry’s most effective anti-fog and anti-scratch technology.
“This collection protects workers eyes from flying debris and allows for air flow in the design of the removable seal,” said Julieann Billings-Riordan, North American Trade Marketing Manager for Bollé Safety. “The ability to replace the foam seal as it becomes worn over time is essential to remain efficient.”
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