Celebrating our 50th anniversary

Shamir’s 50th anniversary is a celebration for all of us. Our partners, employees, and colleagues are all part of the success we can be proud of.

Yagen Moshe, Shamir CEO: “It is the striving for excellence that has driven Shamir throughout its years of operation, from uncompromising quality of scientific research, to the ability to anticipate and respond to future needs. What makes Shamir different is its very DNA, defining our ultimate commitment to our customers and always with a personal touch. We look forward to continued innovations and developing tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies, while also meeting our responsibilities to take care of our planet and give back to the community.

“In honor of 50 years of activity, Shamir is making a promise to devote our energies to maintaining green, sustainable practices. We will continue our devotion to innovative R&D, and we aim for nothing less than providing the best possible visual experience to people the world over. We focus on improving life, by improving vision.”