From the understated elegance of I-man to the striking inventiveness of Rye&Lye, and the natural integrity of MIC to the exquisite craftsmanship of X-Ide


Immagine98 invests in attention to detail and the unmistakable style of its collections


Not just eyewear but real, authentic fashion-accessories worn as an expression of one’s individual style. Herein lies the essence of the Immagine98 collections, each one a statement of a unique way of life. As epitomized by the styles that will be launched at Silmo 2022, set to take place September 23-26.


I-man, fashion precision

The optical frame collection designed exclusively for men introduces styles crafted for a cross-section of wearers who love classic lines – far from bland, these frames are truly evergreen. The launch-ready collection is an adventure in acetate that cuts-up with the color palette.   Previewed here, Matthew follows in the line of masculine names that succinctly describe the spirit of the brand – a minimalist, contemporary optical navigator that comes in three colors: black, blue and “stratified” gray. All of the styles are enabled for magnetic clip-on sun lenses. The metal clip-on for the all-acetate frames enhances stability and adhesion to the frame itself. A singular, transformative accessory, it lends distinctive contemporary allure.


MIC – Made in Cadore, a tribute to nature


A brand whose name speaks to its true spirit: a tribute to nature and to its land of origin – the Cadore and the Dolomite mountains – places imbued with history and beauty, and picture-postcard panoramas. The classic shapes of these styles are reinterpreted with an eye to proportion and scale, while the colors echo the subtle shades of nature, upping their beauty quotient. Shown here is Anemone – also known as windflower, perennial yet delicate – an eye-catching style where the generous thicknesses of the Mazzucchelli (8mm) acetate in the frames is hewn to achieve a jagged effect. Here in three colors: black, gradient brown that fades to transparent and a patchwork of colors that blends black, brown and transparent

in a harmonious balance of references to the mountains and their many moods.

X-Ide, creativity and fine craftsmanship

Creativity and style, a flawless blend by the X-Ide brand that loves to experiment with colors and craft. Artistry, genius and wild spontaneity – starting with the names of the frames, a tribute to the artists of every era. The Degas – famous impressionist known as the “painter of ballerinas” – is a style that rocks a chiseled pattern on the top of the front, lending diamond-cut brilliance to the generous, elegant shape. It also plays well with color: from vibrant blue to gray, and black softened by transparency to a super-sophisticated transparent powder blue. The first of many styles in the new XIde collection making its debut at Silmo.

Rye&Lye, inspiration and experimentation with materials

Attention to detail, magnificent materials and jeweler’s precision, finished with meticulous care make Rye&Lye a top-of-the-range luxury line. Each detail is an ode to the discerning exploration of shapes and juxtaposition of materials, where attention to detail becomes an art form that is narrated through the eyewear itself. Nefty – a tribute, like the other Rye&Lye frames, to the Egyptian deities – is a sneak preview of the collection that will debut at Silmo. The elongated feminine optical frame is an expression of unmistakable style. The acetate is brightened by inserts of lighter veining and the upper part of the front is embellished with rayed gold-plated metal inserts that illuminate the frame and the eyes. It comes in transparent juniper green or in black – elegant, sophisticated, contemporary hues.