April 22nd marks Earth Day, a day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. We’re proud to lead the eyewear industry in these efforts as one of the first carbon negative brands in the world – meaning that we reduce more carbon dioxide emissions than our production emits.

Did you know that 164,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide is equal to driving approximately 32,252.4 laps around the world? Or that it’s the same as the emissions from producing 2.1 billion plastic bottles? At Eco Eyewear, we believe in taking action and making a real difference. Our carbon negativity is the result of our commitment to plant a tree for each frame we sell – with over 3.6 million trees planted so far! By planting trees, we not only offset our carbon emissions but also contribute to reforestation and work opportunities.

But our efforts for sustainability don’t stop there. We also prioritize sustainability by using recycled materials and reducing waste. Our commitment extends to reducing plastic waste in oceans and waterways, with over 60 tons collected through cleanup projects to date. We take responsibility for our industry’s impact on the environment and actively work towards reuse and restoration.

This Earth Day, join us in our mission to protect and preserve the planet. Spread awareness about our initiatives with informative content and captivating images from our Press Kit linked below. For more information about our initiatives or access to our newly released Carbon Footprint report, visit our website at eco-eyewear.com.