Eco Eyewear is all for being positive, but not when it comes to the emission of CO2. We’re proud to announce that our mission of planting trees has led Eco to become one of the very first carbon negative eyewear brands in the world!

What does this mean, exactly? Unlike being carbon neutral, where one compensates for CO2 emissions at a ratio of one to one, Eco is carbon negative.

This means that our efforts in reducing carbon emissions by planting trees actually surpass neutrality. “Our” trees clean out more CO2 than our eyewear production creates.

Eco has planted 3.3 million trees so far, offsetting a total of 154 million kilograms of CO2!

“At Trees for the Future, we have been partnering with Eco for the past 15 years. Together we have achieved an incredible impact by planting 3,316,270 trees in Cameroon and in Forest Gardens in Senegal. Such tree planting has resulted in 154,629 metric tonnes of CO2 sequestered, verified by a study conducted by the Department of Forestry of the University of Michigan.

Eco has contributed to 1,069 Forest Gardens for a total of 1,069 acres restored, thus alleviating poverty for 8,553 farmers and their families. And, just to think, our work with Eco is just getting started…” says Trees for the Future CEO Tim McLellan