Among the new entries at the Mido Eyewear Show, 23° Eyewear, the Italian brand with a sustainable vision of circular design, has presented Eco Warrior, a limited edition sunglass model.


The glasses made by 23° Eyewear explore the infinite forms of nature, redesigning them on the face of the wearer. Eco Warrior is meant to be an aesthetic provocation, enhancing in its geometries and sculptural volumes the natural inclination towards harmony.


The research into shapes and the combination of shiny and matt finishes find in eco-friendly materials the noble meeting point that makes this model unique and distinctive: the frame is in M49 acetate while the lenses are in Bio Nylon, derived from an eco-friendly resin extracted from castor oil.


Eco Warrior is made in a limited 170-piece edition in 3 colours: black, havana and translucent grey with Blackosmo and Terrennial lenses.

23° Eyewear, a brand resulting from the collaboration between the manufacturing expertise of Mirage, a historic Italian eyewear company, and the conceptual design of Studio Russo, was born with an “eco-thought” at its core to create eyewear that in turn gives life to other eyewear, reducing waste to zero. A circular flow that begins, ends and begins again without stopping, in perpetual motion, like the Earth.