Eschenbach Optik of America, Inc. introduces the Magno® Travel Lamp, a handy two-in-one light that can be used as either a desk lamp or flashlight. With a compact design and multiple lighting options it’s the perfect companion for anyone who often needs a little extra light when performing everyday tasks.

When used as a desk lamp, you can choose from three color temperatures; a warm yellow 3200K, a neutral white 4200K and a cool white 6000K. The light has an excellent color rendition index greater than 90 and can be dimmed by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button. To use it as a desk lamp, simply fold-out the lamp head from the side of the handle and stand the lamp on a flat surface (flashlight side down). A rubber grip surrounds the flashlight head to provide extra stability.

When the lamp head is folded in, it can then be used as a hand-held flashlight and can be turned on or off by tapping twice on the touch control ON/OFF button. The Magno® Travel Lamp comes with a USB cable for recharging and features a red charging indicator light which will turn off once the power is at full capacity.


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