Specifically designed for men and women requiring a narrow fit, KLiiK denmark eyewear takes its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Scandinavian design. For Fall 2022, the brand introduces four new models featuring a variety of materials and shapes, bold pops of color, and luxe detailing.

With its trending geometric shape and contemporary multicolored pebble-print pattern on the front rim, K-724 is a must-have for anyone yearning for a fashion-forward, yet easy-to-wear frame. Specifically designed with an ultra-thin Monoblock front, the need for eye rim soldering is eliminated, creating a stronger and more durable frame. Its integrated rim locks allow for a clean and uncluttered design while OBE space screws keep the temples tight and secure. Available in Navy Pebble, Turquoise Pebble, Lilac Pebble, and Champagne Pebble.

A unisex design sure to appeal to a large demographic, K-725 features a retro-inspired round profile with a keyhole bridge in a bold plaid pattern inspired by the latest fashion trends. The style is both refined and edgy. Deep colorways like Black Plaid, Red Plaid, and Green Plaid provide a stunning balance of vintage and modern. Low-profile, European OBE spring hinges add comfort and durability to this retro gem.
With its thin and lightweight profile, K-726 delivers both all-day comfort and incredible style. This stainless steel cat-eye frame has flawless color blocking, with laser engraving near the endpieces and along the top brow line, revealing a surprising accent color. A high-gloss epoxy finish along the front and the temples adds luxurious shine while nylon-coated screws keep the temples tight and secure. Available in Charcoal Rose, Teal Orchid, Eggplant Jade, and Rose Navy.

K-727, with its angular cat-eye shape, is a true chameleon, adopting a wildly different look depending on the colorway. Black Speck Teal offers a thrilling graffiti-style pattern with a dramatic pop of color, Navy Fuchsia delivers on edgy elegance with its fun combination of solid hues and color block custom lamination, while Blue Havana Stripe and Purple Havana Stripe both present a tort-like motif incorporating contrasting tones. High-quality European OBE spring hinges provide incredible comfort and durability.