Hoot supports Myopia Awareness Week May 22-26, 2023 by launching an innovative solution to help Optometrists manage myopia

Hoot Health, Inc., the next generation CRM, and marketing automation solution for doctors announced today that it has launched a new capability that helps parents with strategies and tips on behaviors that support a child’s myopia management program.

“Myopia Management isn’t only about providing therapies such as Ortho-K lenses. It’s about helping parents understand behaviors they can change at home which reinforce a comprehensive program recommended by their Optometrist,” said Dr. Shefali Miglani, Chief Medical Officer of Hoot.

“During this important week for myopia awareness, our Optometry community must work together to help parents as much as we help patients. From reducing screen dependency to encouraging kids to playing outdoors to opening the curtains while kids study – all of these changes in the home environment can have an important positive impact on the child’s vision and their myopia.”

Hoot’s automated marketing system now frees up the Optometrist and their staff to focus on helping the patient while Hoot auto enables better parent education.

Optometrists who are experts in myopia management and utilize behavioral coaching in their myopia management programs can be found here: https://www.hootmyopiacare.com/our-doctors/

As the leader in marketing automation for doctors, Hoot will continue to introduce new cutting-edge technology solutions to help Optometrists educate parents about myopia and improve patient outcomes.

About Hoot
Hoot is a marketing automation platform for eye care professionals to help them grow and scale their myopia management practice. Contact: Haana Javed, haana@gethoot.com. Learn more: www.GetHoot.com

SOURCE Hoot Health, Inc.