An innovative first: a single vision lens that combines four powerful elements into one comprehensive solution


Ophthalmic lens technology leader HOYA Vision Care announced today the launch of MySV™ single vision lenses with 360⁰ Visual Comfort™, the latest addition to its free-form single vision lens portfolio. Conventional single vision lenses correct vision effectively in the center of the lenses. However, these one-size-fits-all lenses do not meet patients’ increasing needs for comprehensive, quality peripheral vision.

“For too long, single vision wearers have been underserved. The technology available to differentiate their experience is here, and we are proud to bring it to market,” said Warren Modlin, Vice President of Technical Marketing at HOYA Vision Care. “MySV lenses allow wearers to achieve 360° visual comfort by integrating four key elements into the design, and ultimately the patient experience, to bring confidence to the wearer in all situations.”

The four elements used to achieve MySV are:

  1. BKS Precision Technology®: A modern optimization process to refine points across the entire back surface of the lens.
  2. Oblique angle compensation: Looking through a traditional single vision lens at an oblique angle produces aberrations. MySV lenses eliminate these aberrations, creating distortion-free visual clarity.
  3. The patient’s position of wear: Provides high satisfaction based on the individual’s wearing conditions.
  4. The patient’s frame choice: The base curve matches the frame size for the best experience in any frame.

Eyecare professionals will also be given access to a 1-credit ABO course through 20/20 Magazine. In addition, white papers detailing the implementation of HOYA’s proprietary technology and quality processes will be made available by speaking to your local HOYA Territory Sales Manager.

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Traditional single-vision lens field of clarity (left) vs HOYA MySV’s 360° field of clarity across the lens surface (right)