For the millions of Canadians who suffer from migraine and light sensitivity, relief is on the way. Eye care professionals now have the unique opportunity to be the first line of defense in identifying, treating, and managing light sensitivity and the related condition. Avulux, the world’s first clinically proven lens for migraine and light sensitivity management is now available to eye care professionals across Canada.

“Light is a key migraine trigger, but many people don’t realize that.” said Dr. Posternack. “90% of people with migraine experience light sensitivity and as many as 60% of migraine episodes are actually triggered by light. Research has also proven light sensitivity to be the most bothersome symptom for people with migraine.”

Specific wavelengths of light can either worsen light sensitivity and migraine headache pain or soothe it. The painful wavelengths of light are found in the blue (480nm), amber (590nm), and red (627nm) range of the light spectrum. The soothing wavelengths are found in the green range (520-540nm). By filtering these specific wavelengths, light-triggered pain will be reduced.

The Avulux lens uses a patented multi-band precision optical technology that filters as much as 97% of the most painful light in the blue, amber and red-light spectrums while allowing in green light, all without distorting the wearer’s colour perception.

Through an independent, double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial, Avulux achieved the highest scientific standard – demonstrating clinical and statistical significance in reducing light sensitivity and migraine headache pain in subjects experiencing migraine. Subjects were directed to put on their glasses at the onset of their migraine attack pain. The study found:

  • 72% of subjects wearing glasses with Avulux lenses reported no light sensitivity at hour two of their migraine attack.
  • Avulux wearers additionally reported a clinically significant reduction in headache pain at hour two of their migraine attack.
  • 36% fewer migraine attacks required the use of abortive medication while wearing Avulux when compared to placebo, suggesting Avulux is an effective non-pharmacological option.

Avulux is a proven, safe, and effective option for managing photophobia and light-triggered migraine pain. The lens has no known side effects, no adverse events, and it does not distort the wearer’s colour perception.

The lenses are available to Canadian ECP’s in both prescription (SV & Progressive) and plano lens types. For more information on the Avulux lens or how to become an Avulux Authorized Provider, visit

Finally, Canadian eye care professionals have a clinically backed lens that can be confidently recommended to patients suffering from migraine triggered by light sensitivity.