A New Collection of Design Driven, Sustainable Sunglasses with a Zero Waste Supply Chain

MONTSERRAT New York, the lifestyle brand worn by New York’s up and coming “it” crowd is set to unveil their first collection of eyewear on June 3, 2022. Alongside King Children, a sustainable eyewear platform using zero waste 3D printing technology, the two teams worked together to create two debut sunglass designs, each available in three colorways.

MONTSERRAT New York’s efforts in sustainable luxury began with the use of lab grown diamonds, a process that uses technology to produce diamonds, all without disrupting earth’s ecosystems. Upon meeting with King Children and understanding their sustainability efforts to reduce the use of plastic, specifically acetate, within the eyewear space, the team was inspired to partner and build a collection. The partnership stems from both parties’ efforts to better the planet.

King Children’s design process eliminates waste throughout the entire manufacturing process. The brand’s eyewear is made from fine polyamide powder fused together using a 3D printing technology: Selective Laser Sintering. The high-tech material allows for ultimate freedom in design with an incredible and highly desired matte finish.

MONTSERRAT New York’s first eyewear collection will launch with two key styles, each available in three colorways: A classic cat eye style – The Capri, and a rounded square style, a nod to the 90’s – The Paros. The gold metal accents seen on both styles mimic that of MONTSERRAT’s best-selling jewelry. The case includes a cleaning cloth printed with the brand’s eye-catching logo; no pun intended. Each detail of the collection was thoughtfully crafted through the MONTSERRAT New York lens.

“This collaboration brings together two brands who turn to technology to reimagine the ways we create product to better our planet. Both of our teams worked together to fuse the architectural notes often seen in our jewelry and the effortlessness felt wearing our clothing into sunglass styles that fit perfectly into the brand and were developed without creating material waste.” Gayle Yelon, Co-Founder at MONTSERRAT New York

“We love working with MONTSERRAT New York. For this collection we wanted to create sunglasses that capture their DNA of effortless luxury while taking advantage of King Children’s technology in new ways. Through partnering with forward looking brands like MONTSERRAT New York and powering their eyewear offerings we are able to meaningfully move the eyewear industry towards a zero-waste future.” – Leslie Muller, Head of Design at King Children

Whether you’re wearing sunnies to cover up a Limoncello hangover, or yachting towards the Blue Grotto in the bright Italian sun, this collection of sustainable eyewear is a must for any summer adventure.

MONTSERRAT New York Eyewear Powered by King Children will be available online beginning Friday, June 3 for $195 at montserrat-nyc.com


MONTSERRAT New York fuses the two worlds of founder and designer Carolina Cordón-Bouzán: New York City and Barcelona. Every design is created not only to evoke the unique spirit of each location, but also to transition effortlessly between the events that come with bustling city life and weekend escapes.

Cordón-Bouzán was surrounded by the industry from childhood through her jeweler grandfather who hand-made fine jewelry for Tiffany & Co. and Harry Winston as well as her grandmother’s garment factory in Montserrat’s Costa Brava. After a formative experience with CFDA/Vogue Incubator-supported brand, WHIT, where she learned the industry’s ins and outs firsthand, Cordón-Bouzán further developed her skills before striking out on her own. She partnered with her trusted friend, Gayle Yelon, to make her vision for MONTSERRAT New York a reality. Together, they forge a brand that embodies the strength, sensuality, and style of women that stomp the streets of Manhattan and soak in the rays of the Mediterranean beaches.

MONTSERRAT New York’s DNA is rooted in providing customers with high-quality, fashion-forward styles at price points that empower buying new pieces every time they have an event to dress up for. MONTSERRAT New York customers look to the brand for effortless yet elevated jewelry that won’t break the bank, all while expecting ethical sourcing as they shop. These new-age consumer shopping expectations and behaviors made it a no-brainer for the brand to offer the highest quality of sustainable luxury to their customers, introducing: lab-grown diamonds. MONTSERRAT New York’s diamonds are chemically pure diamonds – they have no measurable nitrogen or boron impurities. They are physically the same as natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are made by grafting a small piece of a diamond and growing it in a high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) machine that mimics the pressure of the earth and the sun. This creates the habitat necessary to grow a lab-grown diamond into any sized carat.

In an effort to decrease their carbon footprint, MONTSERRAT New York has teamed up with Terrapass to calculate their supply chain’s carbon footprint and purchase carbon offsets by funding renewable energy and methane capture projects in communities across the country that work in diminishing our impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

About King Children

King Children is a technology platform which was created to rethink how we design, develop and produce the products we buy. It was built from the ground up with the vision of a zero-waste supply chain, with beautiful products that are created for each individual customer.

King Children’s unique design process allows them to eliminate waste throughout the entire manufacturing cycle. For each order placed, King Children creates a custom 3-dimensional model for each individual customer. This model reduces physical inventory that would later lead to excess waste. The brand is proud to offer a perfected product that fits every kind of face. This is only possible through a laser-based production system that carefully crafts each frame individually out of aero-space grade nylon. For each frame made, leftover material is repurposed and is used for the next order. Since King Children only produces 7% of CO2 emissions compared to traditional eyewear companies, due to their Zero Waste technology, it is easy for them to offset their entire supply chain’s CO2 emissions. King Children is partnered with Lifegate’s Zero Impact project to plant trees in Madagascar to minimize the brand’s carbon footprint.