New INVU “Two in One” Smart Solutions for Kids

Children’s eyes are particularly susceptible to UV rays therefore, it’s imperative to protect children’s eyes from the damaging effects of UV light. Parents count on optical retailers to help them find the optimal solutions, especially for children who wear prescription glasses.


The new INVU optical frame + magnetic clip children’s collection enables opticians to easily address this important need. The vibrant and fun loving frames are crafted in comfortable, ultra flexible Swiss TR 90 material. With a simple click, children can convert their prescription glasses into cool, highly effective sunglasses. The matching clips are anchored to the frame with four hidden magnets to ensure that the clips stay firmly in place.  The ultra polarized clip from Swiss Eyewear Group offers state-of-the-art UV protection without the hassle of carrying around a second pair of glasses.

Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG is a registered, privately held company with its headquarters in Zürich Switzerland. INVU is a registered trademark of Swiss Eyewear Group (International) AG and is distributed in over 95 countries around the globe.

Swiss Eyewear Group International: