For more than 45 years, LOOK has produced and distributed its own strictly made-in-Italy eyewear lines, creating a name for itself in an ongoing quest for innovation and an ability to anticipate market trends. A commitment the company is now sharing in a powerful, engaging manner through its new communication campaign that captures the brand’s essence, produced in collaboration with Max Galli Communication.

The visual employs emotional, engaging storytelling. Three overlapping concentric worlds reveal an epic journey from past to present, portrayed by five models who represent the people who choose to wear LOOK eyewear. Art is the language along which this landscape unfolds: from the classic to the modern, up to the most contemporary graphic image.

This visual representation – as narrated in the video presentation – begins with the graphic of the two Os in the LOOK logo and embodies the idea of transcending the boundaries of time and experience, guiding the viewer toward a real vision of the present, with products that satisfy the tastes of a broad, well-defined target.

The concept that sums up this journey is the LOOK IS MORE claim, an invitation to look beyond, to transcend the limitations of the conventional and embrace the new, freely and with determination. In a world that is constantly evolving, LOOK is committed to being an inspiration for those who aspire to see beyond the present moment.

The new image not only reflects the style and personality of those who wear LOOK eyewear, but is also a bridge between past, present and future. More than a claim, LOOK IS MORE is an attitude, a new way of looking at the world, eyes open with curiosity, to discover its sharp definition and colors.

“This campaign aims to strengthen LOOK’s position in the industry, attracting a new generation of consumers who appreciate innovation, style and quality. An audience that embraces the brand’s values, reliability and modernity. We want to inspire confidence in our brand and create a connection with our followers, demonstrating that the future is already here, ready to be embraced,” explains LOOK CEO Vittore Tormen.

The LOOK IS MORE campaign is another step forward along the company’s communication trajectory, with the clear aim of leading the change.

We are LOOK and our gaze is, as always, focused on the future. And it couldn’t be any other way.