J.F. REY extends its ACETATE collection by introducing GRAPHICOLOR, a range of new optical eyewear for women. Frames with character coming with dazzling glamour, an eye-catching graphic style, and fashionable colors directly inspired by the Spring season. A new stroke of artistic brilliance that highlights the colorful signature and infinite creativity of the J.F. REY design studio.

This new line experiments with dynamic combinations of materials, shapes and colors, where technical requirements serve a thoughtful aesthetic vision. It stands out for its graphic and aesthetic originality, the result of several complex laminations of acetates on the face and temples to create a captivating multicolored yoke.Symmetrical/asymmetrical lines, sophisticated prints and signature color contrasts adds rhythm to the creation, relying on the expression of J.F. REY’s unique, made-to-measure style.

Crafted from rich and various types of acetates, this collection offers a variety of flattering styles and elegant options for every face. From pastel shades to more vibrant colors such as mint green, candy pink or spring lilac, each color pairs with the design, adding a distinctive touch that is both modern and refreshing. The aesthetic interplay of materials is captivating in its boldness and vibrant vibrancy, multiplying uniform solids, radiant transparencies and subtle gradations in striking contrasts.

Handmade acetate materials, Flexhingeand graphic details: each frame is designed with meticulous attention to detail to perfectly meet J.F. REY’s demands for perfection.