Bollé Safety Eyewear Coating Found One Hundred Times More Effective Than Industry Standards



As demand for its premium lenses continues to grow, Bollé Safety recently went back to the lab to have its lenses independently tested. The company found its proprietary Platinum Technology – an exclusive anti-fog and anti-scratch coating applied to the lenses of its premium range (and premium lite) products – far exceed industry standards.



The purpose of the coating is to resist temperature fluctuations and micro-abrasives present in everyday work environments.
The testing, performed by Pourquery, an independent lab found:
Platinum lenses resisted the appearance of fog for 15 minutes above a source of steam. A figure 100 times higher than the requirements defined within the EN166 standard. Out of the nine most commonly used chemicals in industry, PLATINUM is resistant to eight of them.*
Platinum lenses retain properties (K & N) even after 100 cleanings. The coating also responds positively to the autoclave resistance test, a product disinfection often used in clean rooms. The coating starts to degrade, but still remains effective after 30 autoclave cycles of 20 minutes at 121°C.
“Ninety percent of eye injuries can be prevented with proper eye protection. Bollé Safety positions itself as a leader in the PPE market, notably thanks to its exclusive Platinum technology.” said Anne-Sophie François, Vice President Bollé Safety Brand.
Bollé’s platinum lenses were designed to guard against fogging and scratches. Fogging is one of the recurring problems that many workers face. However, ensuring optical clarity in all conditions is important to improve the prevention of work-related accidents and maximize productivity. To achieve the highest scratch certifications, lenses must retain their optical qualities (luminance factor) after undergoing the fine particle deterioration test.
*A complete methodology and results can be found here.
About Bollé Safety:
Created more than 130 years ago in Oyonnax (01), Bollé Safety is the world leader in PPE eye protection (Personal Protective Equipment). As a major international player in its market, Bollé Safety offers a wide range of innovative eye protection products that are comfortable and stylish, adapted to each market segment (construction, health, energy, heavy industry, defense, clean rooms, automotive, office automation, etc.) and increasingly eco-designed. In more than 100 countries, the brand equips 20 million workers with products that improve their performance and well-being, whenever there is a risk to the eyes and face, even in the most extreme environments. Bollé Safety is also a reference in the prescription protection market (nearly 40 years of experience), and offers co-branding and customization. Since 2021, the brand has accelerated its CSR approach. The latter covers the measurement of its impacts, product and packaging innovations as well as internal commitments.
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