Dr. Reena Sud was attracted to the health and business aspects of optometry

By David Goldberg


Dr. Reena Sud is the owner and eye care professional at Leslieville Optometry, located in the heart of Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood. 

Originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sud moved to Ontario to study optometry at the University of Waterloo.

Coincidentally, Sud doesn’t even require corrective lenses for her vision, but she was still inspired to become an optometrist. 

“I was attracted to a career in healthcare where I would also have the opportunity to run a business if I chose, and I didn’t like the idea of teeth and mouths, so I decided to pursue optometry!” 

After taking a decade to hone her craft and learn the tricks of the trade, Sud decided to open a clinic. 

Of all the people she treats, Sud gets the most satisfaction from helping kids. 

“Helping a child who has been struggling with balance or depth perception or learning is very rewarding. This includes toddlers who seem clumsy to students or kids who are having trouble reading. Hearing parents say that our treatment plan resulted in a much happier child or that the child no longer avoids school work, is a great feeling.”

Sud feels that it’s her job to educate the public about eye health because there’s an overall lack of awareness. 

“Patients think of an eye exam as updating their glasses or getting new contact lenses. However the risk of eye diseases is equally, if not more important, and a thorough eye exam helps prevent vision loss. As an industry, I think we could improve patient education on why routine exams are important.”

That sentiment ties into Sud’s philosophy at Leslieville Optometry. 

“We encourage our patients to reach out if they have questions after the exam. Patients should feel comfortable emailing us with questions. Being available to our patients when they need is the service we aim to provide.”

While Sud enjoys working with patients and meeting new people every day, her other favourite part of the job is the business side of things.  

“I enjoy the marketing aspect of my business as it is my creative outlet. Social media and collaborations with other local small businesses help us connect with our community and offer fun events.”

Her social media savvy is what makes Sud so focused on customer satisfaction, something she strongly advises for all aspiring ECPs. 

When Sud isn’t treating patients, she’s spending time with her kids. And if there happens to be some more free time, you’ll find her in the yoga studio or on the tennis court.