Ukrainian sustainable eyewear brand devotes the newest release to the nature of its homeland

The Kyiv-based Ochis created the world’s first coffee glasses in Ukraine. The brand has always been inspired by the richness of its nature, feeling a strong connection with the earth as a source of life and beauty. In an attempt to encapsulate this connection, Ochis inserted the petals of flowers that grow in Ukrainian fields into their frames.

Ochis ‘Tsvit’ (meaning bloom in Ukrainian) collection is filled with real sunflowers, marigolds, and cornflowers. Mentions of these flowers permeate Ukrainian folklore, the country’s songs, and poems; they bloom in traditional wreaths and on vyshyvankas. From now on, they will bloom in eyeglass frames, too.

The six different frame designs in this collection have three possible flower options each. The yellow sunflower stands for our unshakable will (volya). Red marigolds are a symbol of infinite strength (syla). The blue cornflowers symbolise unbearable beauty (krasa). Marigold sunglasses come with brown lenses, while sunflower and cornflower glasses have gray-colored ones. Each order is packed into a coffee case with the same flowers as the frame.

‘Each frame from this collection carries a piece of Ukraine, and together they form a colourful wreath of our culture. We are different, but we are united by one territory, one love, and one desire to live in a peaceful and independent country. To flourish, blossom, bloom on our land,’ – Max Havrylenko and Akim Karpach, Ochis founders explain.

Ochis Tsvit is an opportunity to keep your literal roots with you and to bring a piece of Ukraine into the world, wherever you are. The collection is available at


Ochis is a Ukrainian brand making the world’s first coffee-based eyewear. Used coffee grounds get mixed with natural oils to form a new plant-based material that is waterproof, has a matte texture and keeps the coffee smell for months to come. Thanks to our unique production technology, each frame is a combination of functionality, design, and green innovation. All Ochis are eco-conscious, ergonomic, and universal — a sustainable staple accessory.