OCUCO has released its latest OPTICOMMERCE digital marketing product, ONLINE LISTING MANAGER.

ONLINE LISTING MANAGER is a web tool for creating, updating and maintaining optical store profiles, everywhere online in one place.
OPTICOMMERCE’S ONLINE LISTING MANAGER ensures online identities are accurate and found across the web. Optimized for search engines, it automatically syncs data to web aggregators and social media platforms.

OPTICOMMERCE FOUNDER, PAUL CLARE: “Specifically built for independent optical stores and practices, ONLINE LISTING MANAGER saves time and money, guaranteeing customers can find products and services quickly and easily.”

 88% of consumers who search locally visit or call the business within a day*
 46% of all searches are for local information*
 19% of Google ranking is based on Google Business Profile**

ONLINE LISTING MANAGER lets optical businesses view how customers behave online. It provides citation statistics, allows for customer monitoring and is specifically made for increasing in-store traffic via a succinct online profile.

Our dedicated digital marketing team is on hand to guide you through setup and installation, so you can be confident your online identity is correct and up to date, maximizing reach with customers. This unique tool from OCUCO (ocuco.com/online-listing-manager/) can be subscribed to as a standalone feature or added to current digital marketing packages.

For more information, please contact CONOR MCKEOGH, conor.mckeogh@ocuco.com or go to https://www.ocuco.com/online-solutions-demo/ for a consultation.

About Ocuco Ltd.
Ocuco is the leading provider of OmniChannel solutions to the eyecare retail, optometry, ophthalmology and lab markets worldwide. Ocuco leads the UK and Irish optical markets with their flagship products Acuitas and Innovations.

Acuitas software suite includes Point of Sale, Practice Management, EHR and eCommerce software solutions for eyecare professionals. Ocuco's leading Lab Management solution, Innovations Enterprise, manages thousands of labs worldwide.

Ocuco is an Irish-owned software company established in 1993 in Dublin by CEO Leo Mac Canna. The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in the USA, Canada, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and China.
** https://smallbusiness.googleblog.com/2016/08/get-better-insights-with-google-my.html