OKIA’s commitment to a better world has reached a new milestone. With the RESHAPE project, the Hong Kong-based company launched the “One Million Bottle Challenge” in 2019 with the aim of recycling 1 million PET plastic bottles into frames. By the end of 2021, the result was almost quadrupled with over 3.8 million plastic bottles.

“We are so excited to announce that we have not only achieved our target, but also exceeded it. With the continuous support of our customers, our collective effort has enabled us to upcycle over 3.8 million plastic bottles into eyeglasses and related accessories by 2021” says Jacky Lam Managing Director at OKIA.

Instead of being piled up into landfill or discarded into the environment to waste away over hundreds of years, these bottles were turned into gorgeous eyeglasses and related accessories. Hopefully, that found a new lease of life in helping you out each day.

OKIA’s commitment has been recognised internationally by the numerous certifications it has received, the latest of which was the Special Recognition for Outstanding Sustainability Initiative (Environmental Dimension) of the Hong Kong Sustainability Award 2020/21 organised by The Hong Kong Management Association.