Ray-Ban proudly announced its partnership with Brooklyn’s hottest indie music venue and rooftop, Elsewhere, for a concert series to celebrate the release of the special edition Wayfarer Colorblock Collection. The series will take place over multiple weekends throughout the summer and kicked off with a DJ set by TSHA, a London-based producer quickly emerging as one of the most exciting young artists of 2022. The series continued with a performance by ESTA on August 5th, ending with Everyday People on August 21st. 

Bringing boldness, brightness, and badassery to summer 2022, Elsewhere and Ray-Ban are teaming up to encourage style, self-expression, carefree confidence, and a reason to come together to experience NYC’s diverse music scene. Leveraging Elsewhere’s vast and highly engaged audience, and access to top-notch musical talent, this partnership provides Ray-Ban the perfect backdrop to celebrate the Colorblock Collection, meeting their audience where they are – on the dance floor. 


Music has always been a key component of Ray-Ban DNA, and this season Ray-Ban is ready to get out there and mix it up with a brand-new Special Edition. The Ray-Ban Colorblock Collection features the brand’s iconic Wayfarer, reinvented in four transparent color combinations of unexpected, yet complementary tones. Inspired by the fluid forms and glowing tones of digital art, bright power pastels get a soft touch to create a high-contrast palette. Designed to give you the freedom to live every experience without hesitation, each style is paired with a matching Ray-Ban cord. The Wayfarer has been a symbol of youth culture from the rock revolution of the ‘60s to the art scene of the ‘80s, and at the forefront of ‘90s hip-hop and now lands in 2022 with an extra bright splash.